Hotel Himmlhof: Gilchrist & Soames’ First Partnership in Austria

Charming luxury boutique Hotel Himmlhof of Austria joins the Gilchrist & Soames family and taking the London Collection for their rooms.

Owned and run by ‘Family Penz’, the Himmlhof prides itself in offering a home-from-home experience incorporating cosy lounges and a warm interior which complements their stylish wellness area inclusive of varying saunas, steam bath and cold water grotto for a complete relaxation experience.

We asked owner Herr Penzwhat drew him towards selecting Gilchrist & Soames London Collection,

“I selected Gilchrist & Soames’ London Collection for its scent and luxury design. Knowing the brand as I do, it was important for me to associate my hotel with a reputable company. I am happy with my decision to partner with Gilchrist & Soames and look forward to developing a strong ongoing relationship.”

To find out more about Hotel Himmlhof and their summer and winter package offerings, click here.

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