Thymes Eucalyptus

Nearly 30 years ago, Thymes was founded by two friends with a mutual curiosity and a common desire to make something meaningful and beautiful. Since then, the company has flourished thanks to a shared passion for creativity, botanical ingenuity, beauty, and friendship.

Thymes fragrances are composed in an on-site fragrance studio, where chemists and perfumers blend nature, art, and science to create outstanding products. Thymes strives to design fragrances that balance familiarity and intrigue, rooted in botanical perfumery — nature, refined with a sophisticated air. The unique formulations are artfully crafted to create products that are skin-compatible, environmentally friendly, effective, and a pleasure to use.

Eucalyptus is Thymes’ best-selling retail collection and the most successful fragrance line in the company’s history. The Thymes Eucalyptus Hotelier Collection is formulated with essential oils and naturally derived ingredients and features a fragrance that is a fresh blend of revitalising eucalyptus oil, crisp Italian lemon, lime, and petitgrain – the perfect morning wake-up call. For an invigorating range inspired by natural botanicals, choose the Thymes Eucalyptus Collection.


Thymes believes in creating inspiring fragrance experiences formulated with the best possible ingredients to enrich the mind and body.

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