Total Lifestyle Brand Temple Spa Releases New In-Room Hotel Amenities

With an ever increasing focus on an exceptional guest journey many UK hotels are upping their ante when it comes to in-room amenities. Total lifestyle brand Temple Spa, are well known for their understanding of the weary traveller and the importance of helping a guest unwind, relax, restore and refresh for a better tomorrow. And in creating a spa experience wherever you are.

Lifestyle brand Temple Spa is adding new products to the Hotelier Collection and launching two brand-new concepts—a tri-fold turn-down wallet that will house two sleep-products and a new Voyager Collection.

The turn-down wallet features AAAHHH! Soothing balm for aching limbs and Feet and REPOSE Aromatherapy Resting Night Cream. AAAHHH! is a lightweight balm that will chill, calm and refresh legs and feet. It contains a soothing blend of essential oils to lull away aches and pains, that will have you feeling instantly refreshed. REPOSE is known as the “goodnight’s sleep in a jar.” Geared towards rest and relaxation, this indulgent cream aids in a restful night’s sleep, helping guests wake up revived and ready for the day.

“These products were designed to make a world of difference to a guests stay after a busy day. They work to encourage guests to look after their well-being by taking time to unwind, relax and enjoy a little ‘me’ time. It’s an experience they won’t forget,” said Liz Warom, managing director.

The new Voyager Collection features 30 ml tubes, imprinted with the Temple Spa’s signature logo and varnished with bright colors and witty product names such as Good Hair Day shampoo, In Good Condition conditioner, La La Lagoon aromatic bath and shower gel and Peace Be Still calming face and body balm.

“It’s our greatest pleasure to bring these two new offerings to the hotelier forefront,” said Liz Warom, managing director. “Temple Spa is a high-performance spa line that delivers exceptional skin and hair care therapies, and with its witty product names and a bit of play eccentricity, it’s sure to delight existing and future hotel partners.”

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