Antica Farmacista

Antica Farmacista captures old-world European charm and mystery with its collection of unique signature scents for the home and body. Inspired by the serenity of the gardens of Tuscany, each fragrance is formulated with only the world’s finest ingredients.

Founded by Shelley Callaghan and Susanne Pruitt, Antica Farmacista was created to build a brand of elegance and luxury through fragrance. Drawing inspiration from nature, art, fashion, and the spirit of the Italian zest for life, the brand was born. Antica was built on the founders’ philosophy that “each and every one of us should have a signature scent that tells our own personal story.” Antica Farmacista prides itself on its ability to change the feel of a room and the allure of the body in a powerful yet never overpowering way.

Understanding scent and why it strikes a chord deep within us is like creating a myth or magic. How do you want to make your guests feel? How do aesthetic choices and lifestyle drive fragrance selections? What are the memorable connections you can build between scent and the extraordinary experiences your hotel provides? We believe they are deeply connected and have the power to create a journey into fragrance discovery.

The Antica Farmacista Pompelmo Hotelier Collection features a clean, invigorating fragrance that perfectly captures the essence of pure, single-note grapefruit. Pompelmo is a best-selling retail collection loved by both men and women, making it an exceptional choice for luxury properties worldwide.

The Antica Farmacista Bergamot & Ocean Aria Hotelier Collection features a beautiful fragrance inspired by the allure of the ocean and its captivating ambiance. Fresh saltwater notes blend with soft jasmine and lavender while crisp bergamot adds a glistening effervescence. Soft white musk and lush oak moss add warmth and complete this captivating scent.


Antica Farmacista’s timeless packaging and attention to detail is coveted by luxury retailers worldwide – from Neiman Marcus to Bergdorf Goodman to Harvey Nicols.

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