Essentiel Elements®

Founded in San Francisco in 1989, Essentiel Elements offers a complete range of therapeutic spa products that contain only the highest grade essential oils, with no mineral oils, no dyes, and no synthetic fragrances, creating a pure and coveted product that nourishes the body while awakening the senses.

With our history which is rich in accolades, today’s Essentiel Elements provides an apothecary experience with therapeutic and aromatic spa grade treatments for your skins wellbeing journey. Essentiel Elements remains one of the finest spa-grade products available today.

The Essentiel Elements Rosemary Mint Collection contains pure essential oils of rosemary and mint, a combination used since ancient times to stimulate the senses, reduce mental fatigue, and rejuvenate the soul. The formulation contains vitamin A to promote smooth and supple skin, aloe vera to soothe and cool, and sunflower oil to keep hair and skin healthy and hydrated.

The ingredients and aromatic fragrance harness the power of true aromatherapy, while revitalizing and energizing from top to toe.

And for the added value of being eco-friendly, this collection is available for multiple dispenser programs upon request.


Pamper your guests with the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils and the unique aromatherapy experience of rosemary and mint.

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* This brand is available for additional dispenser programs upon request. Inquire of your Gilchrist & Soames representative.

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