World Class Operations

We pay attention to every detail, to ensure that we can fulfil our commitment to produce the finest quality amenity products in the world.

Our USA headquarters houses our primary manufacturing, research and development, and distribution centre. Here we have production capacity to produce very large volume supplies of bottled liquids, and alongside strategic manufacturing partners worldwide, we are able to deliver a comprehensive programme to meet virtually any customer requirement.

Research & DevelopmentWe are committed to continuous research and development to ensure we anticipate new bath, body, fragrance, beauty, and hotel trends to provide the innovative products that hoteliers and guests require.

Quality Assurance.  In alignment with Total Quality Management, we incorporate statistical process control in our quality processes.  This ensures products meet specifications and expectations by measuring and managing each step of the manufacturing process.

Distribution and Logistics. We have state-of-the-art distribution and logistics systems enabling us to supply products worldwide in a timely and reliable way. These systems provide for accurate inventory management and shipping.


The hallmark of Gilchrist & Soames is ‘excellence’. When excellence is the standard, quality must be a passion; an individual passion to provide the ultimate experience for our customer.  From innovative product concepts to complete satisfaction with the products delivered, our mission is achieved one customer at a time. Excellence is our hallmark.”