Forever Collection

Forever Necessities utilize FSC white Kraft recycled envelopes, paper sleeves, and cartons, with tamper proof perforation where possible to reduce interior plastic and wastage. The toothbrush, razor, and comb are made with Wheat Straw instead of plastic. Wheat Straw is a raw bio-based plastic material offering a plastic reduction compared to regular plastic. It aims to replace petroleum-based plastics and reduce the use of oil resources and carbon dioxide emissions.

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our clients and consumers - on each product you will find a combination of logos showing the eco-friendly features of that individual product.


  • 100511 Forever Shower Cap: 18” recyclable and degradable plastic Shower Cap in perforated envelope
  • 100512 Forever Vanity Kit: 2 paper stem cotton buds, 2 pads, emery board in a PE recyclable and degradable bag in a perforated envelope
  • 100513 Forever Mending Kit: 6 colored threads, needle, 2 buttons, safety pin in PE recyclable and degradable bag in perforated carton
  • 100514 Forever Shoe Mitt: Cotton Mitt - plastic free in paper sleeve
  • 100515 Forever Dental Kit: 0.17oz/5g Crest® toothpaste & wheat straw toothbrush in PE recyclable and degradable bag in standard tuck flap carton
  • 100516 Forever Shave Kit: 0.65oz/18g G&S shave cream & wheat straw razor in perforated carton
  • 100517 Forever Cotton Swabs: Paper stemmed, plastic free Cotton Swabs in perforated carton
  • 100518 Forever Cotton Pads: Plastic free Cotton Pads in perforated carton
  • 100519 Forever Toothbrush: Wheat Straw Toothbrush in PE recyclable and degradable bag
  • 100520 Forever Comb: Wheat Straw Comb in perforated carton

Tuxedo Collection

  • 810N100 Tuxedo Shower Cap
  • 810N110 Tuxedo Mending Kit: needle, thread, buttons, safety pin
  • 810N120 Tuxedo Vanity Kit: two cotton pads, swabs, emery board
  • 810N160 Tuxedo Shoe Mitten
  • 810N390 Tuxedo Shave Kit: one razor & shaving cream
  • K810N400US Tuxedo Dental Kit: disposable toothpaste & Crest® toothpaste


Ascot Collection

  • 809N100 Ascot Shower Cap
  • 809N110 Ascot Mending Kit: needle, thread, buttons, safety pin
  • 809N120 Ascot Vanity Kit: two cotton pads, swabs, emery board
  • 809N160 Ascot Shoe Mitten
  • 809N390 Ascot Shave Kit: one razor & shaving cream
  • 809N620 Ascot Bath Crystals
  • K809N400US Ascot Dental Kit: disposable toothbrush & Crest® toothpaste

A La Carte

  • 0019471 0.75oz | 22ml WhisperMint® Mouthwash Bottle
  • 0016734 1oz | 30ml Freshmint Mouthwash Bottle
  • 007200 1.5oz | 45ml WhisperMint® Mouthwash Bottle
  • 001H310 0.65oz | 18ml G&S Shave Cream Tube
  • 001N140 G&S Toothbrush in Poly Bag
  • 001N150 G&S Razor in Poly Bag
  • 001N240 White Pocket Comb in Poly Bag
  • 001N460R Closed Toe Fleece Slipper with EVA Sole, 11x4.3: White
  • 882H320 Deodorant
  • 882N140 Bamboo Toothbrush in Paper Package
  • 882N180 Body Loofah in poly bag
  • 882N205 4 pack Cotton Buds
  • 882N230 Brown Wood Comb in box
  • 882N266 Cotton Rounds
  • 882N440 Make-up Remover
  • 882N441 Stain Treatment Towelette
  • 882N443 Microfiber Cloth
  • 882N490 Small Pre-Thread Sewing Kit
  • 882N800 Beauty Kit: shower cap, hair tie, cotton rounds, emery board
  • 882N875 Lip Balm Stick
  • 882PM11ML 0.37oz | 11ml Lavender Pillow Mist
  • S882BS315 1.11oz | 31.5g Bath Salts Jar
  • PUFF White Mesh Puff

  • 0026039 Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit, 6 Colors, 1 Safety Pin, 2 Buttons
  • 0026040 Comb, Black Plastic, White Cardboard Sleeve
  • 0026041 Nail File, 8cm 2 Sided Foam Emery Board, Cuticle Stick
  • 0026046 4 Pack Cotton Buds, Package Frosted Front with Silver Back
  • 0026047 4 Pack, Cotton Pads, Package Frosted Front with Silver Back
  • 0026048 Sanitary Bag, 5x10, Package Frosted Front with Silver Back
  • 0026049 Dental Kit: Disposable toothbrush, Colgate® toothpaste & floss
  • 0026050 Shave Kit, Schick® Razor with 8g Shave Cream
  • 0026051 Shower Cap with White Scrunchie
  • 54199000001 Shoe Mitt, White Cotton
  • 0036471 Black cotton eye mask with elastic, individually packaged, 50/cs
  • 97090900002 4 White Cotton Balls in Poly Bag
  • 97190900002 4 Cotton Ear Swabs in Poly Bag
  • 882N460R Waffle Weave Slipper, Unisex Sizing: White

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