Bag in a Box
Bag in a Box


The ultimate eco-friendly refill system.

A 2.5 gallon bag-in-box offers a better alternative to plastic gallons, fitted with integrated lifting handles. Made from 100% recycled corrugate, the inner and outer packaging ships well, sits on the shelf for refill and breaks down flat to recycle.

The double-walled inner vacuum bag has an integrated pump ensuring the liquid product is not exposed to the air, thus minimizing the potential for bacteria introduction.

  • Reduction in plastic - By replacing the 1-gallon drum with 2.5-gallon Bag in a Box, Gilchrist & Soames have reduced the plastic consumption by 78%, saving 388g of plastic per use of one Bag in a Box
  • Sustainable packaging material
  • Recyclable via standard recycling stream
  • Reduce carbon footprint - fewer deliveries
  • Efficient refill system
  • Easy storage - space saving
  • Easy operation
  • Compatible with refillable dispenser bottles

For a PDF of Operating Instructions, please visit our Bag-in-a-Box instructions page, which will open in a new window:

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